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All information, publication, and inferred recommendation by Luke Donay is not direct financial advice and any investment made based on information published by Luke Donay or associates does not fall back legally on Luke Donay, associates, or  All published information by Luke Donay, associates, or under is opinion and based on independent research.  Luke Donay, associates, or cannot be held liable for any investments made by readers or based on information published. This website is built for a research tool, not direct financial advice.

Stock News, Analysis, and Opinion from a young investor.

Luke Donay is an aspiring investor, entrepreneur, and trader. This site was build to share his favorite stocks, investments, and his opinion on the market. 

This site has been built out to be a resource for advanced and aspiring traders. This site's purpose is to teach, inform, and share in hopes of making and or improving your success in the stock market. 




Luke Donay

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