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AMD Breakdown

As a bonus I will be talking about $AMD. While I do not own the name it is on my watch list.

Current Price: 53.50

52 Wk/High: 59.27

52 Wk/Low: 27.43

Read below for the breakdown.

All ready AMD has achieved the analyst earning expectations with revenue growth of 40.9% since 2019, bringing in a net increase of $1.79 billion.

AMD expects its earnings to grow another 20% this year due to its great processors, graphics abilities, data center, and gaming sectors.

Not only that but AMD has been chosen once again by both Sony and Microsoft for their core gaming consols. AMD will be used as the sole provider of the processor (AMD RDNA 2-based) and GPU of both the new Xbox and PS5.

This demand for AMD will only boost its growth and earnings going into the rest of this year due to the huge gaming industry and its growing demand.

Furthermore, COVID-19 is only going to increase the demand for most of their products now and in the future. With demand now constantly rising for more computing power due to the digital shift being pushed forward by COVID-19, AMD will only continue to grow.

Not only that but AMD is reasonably cheap in comparison to its 2021 EPS estimates of $2. Given that AMD has had continued demand that is only rising and I see no reason that the name does not reach at least $70 by year-end.

This is not investment advice simply reporting and opinion based on private research.

$AMD is on my watchlist and I am highly considering opening a position.

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