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How to play the 5G breakout.

Here it is! My 5G stock plays and favorite names to cash in on the 5G revolution.

$MRVL - Marvell Communications

$VZ - Verizon Communications

$QXOM- Qualcomm

$AAPL - Apple

Company descriptions and thesis are listed below and breakdowns for each company will be released shortly!

$MRVL Thesis:

Marvell is an excellent semiconductor company that is betting big on the 5G rollout. $MRVL is very much in the business of building the 5G infrastructure. Marvell is actively involved in the building out of the 5G infrastructure and is one of the best-positioned names to capitalize on 5G as capable devices roll out.

$VZ Thesis:

Verizon is a massive company with an outstanding dividend. The company is set to capitalize heavily on 5G due to its massive coverage area and the leading owner of the key 5G spectrum bands (More than double the ownership of $T). With the stock already steadily gaining year over year, there is no reason that benefits from 5G won’t boost the stock and company further.

$AAPL Thesis:

Demand for 5G capable devices is growing at an astounding rate, and one of the world leaders in typical daily devices like smartphones is set to release 5G capable phones in 2020. Apple is planning on releasing four 5G phones in 2020 and with the demand soaring along with the typical demand for Apple products, the company will surely benefit from the 5G rollout. Not only that but the economic tolls will not harm the company and its speed to release given its excellent positioning and over $200 billion in cash on hand.

$QCOM Thesis:

Qualcomm is a massive chip maker and the demand for their 5G focused portfolio should go through the roof when 5G starts to explode. Not only that but Qualcomm is on as a chip supplier to the new iPhones for at least the next six years which plays right into the 5G device demand that we should see with in the next few years of the major rollout.

Breakdowns on each of the names will be posted directly after the release of this thesis list.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice simply opinion based on independent research.

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