Is this spatial data company a buy?

It’s time to explore a potential metaverse multibagger. Here is the deep dive on $MTTR, otherwise known as Matterport.

Current Price: $27.27

52/Wk High: $30.80

52/Wk Low: $10.45

Market Cap: $6.6 Billion

Three Month Performance: 82.65%

Read below for the deep dive.

Matterport ( $MTTR ) is a leading spatial data company that offers customers the ability to develop a virtual 3D twin of any space through their unique cloud platform, mobile application, and hardware.

In essence, the company specializes in capturing any space and creating its digital twin, all the while collecting valuable data. The digital twin is then easily accessible through Matterport’s cloud platform.

Speaking of the company’s cloud platform, Matterport’s platform provides customers with a bevy of tools including embedded notes and media, measurement tools, blur settings for privacy, guided tours, floor plan generation, high resolution photos, VR compatibility, and more.

To learn more about the platform's features visit the link below.

Matterport is able to develop realistic digital twins from scans given their Cortex AI, the company’s specialized artificial intelligence network. Matterport’s AI takes spatial data collected via a bevy of capture devices and processes it into a clean digital twin.

It is important to note that as more spaces are scanned via Matterports platform, more data is collected, which the Cortex AI uses to become more accurate with each scan.

Also note that Matterport’s specialized photography algorithms are part of the process and allow for a fully automated processing pipeline and higher quality digital twins.

Regarding application, Matterport’s platform and hardware has a variety of applications within a multitude of industries, including real estate, architecture and engineering, property management, retail, insurance, restoration or home management, and engineering.

Shifting into revenue generation the company generates revenue through four key segments; subscription, license, product, and services revenue.

Breaking down each segment, Matterport offers clients four key subscription plans that enable customers to access their cloud platform, those plans being; Free, Starter, Pro & Business, and Enterprise.

Quickly describing the subscription plans, pricing increases as the number of active spaces and active users ascends.

Digging into the licensing segment, Matterport leverages their database of spatial data, the largest in the world, to generate revenue. In short, Matterport offers data license solutions to certain customers enabling clients access to Matterport’s digital twin and high quality analytics.

Moving on to the next segment, Matterport provides clients with the tools to capture, which includes their very own 3D capture product Pro2 Camera. Product revenue is revenue generated from sales of the Pro2 Camera and other third party capture devices.