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Seattle Genetics Breakdown

It is time to talk about Seattle genetics $SGEN and why I love the name so much!

Current price: 151.16

52 wk/high: 168.10

52 wk/low: 63.02

Read below for the breakdown! 👇🏽🚀

Seattle Genetics is a company focused on creating treatments and cures for cancer patients. The company started with Adcetris, a drug used to cure forms of lymphomas.

On the horizon, $SGEN has two other drugs coming out, Padcev and Tukysa. Padcev has been approved for forms of bladder cancer but the company sees further opportunity.

Currently, $SGEN is trying to combine Padcev with Merck’s core cancer drug keytruda, to cure late-stage bladder cancer.

Furthermore, $SGEN also has Tuksya. Tuksya is focused on treating breast cancer which is currently in development.

The company is very new and it seems that it has been so far very successful and recent data supports the pipeline.

Recently many analyst have re-iterated there buy rating on the stock, especially following news that Merck’s phase 3 trial to evaluate the success of Keytruda’s ability to combine and treat bladder cancer has failed to meet its goals.

Given the failure by Merck, it only heightens the value and outlook of $SGEN.

In all, it seems that analyst are very bullish on the name, not only that but many large biotech companies like Johnson and Johnson ($JNJ) and Bristol Myers ($BMY) are in need of a good cancer sector within their companies and Seattle Genetics ($SGEN) would be an excellent buyout candidate, if the stock continues to pull back.

Overall between the good data that has been recently released by Seattle Genetics, Merck’s failure, upgrades across the board (hiking PT to over 240), I see no reason that Seattle Genetics is not successful in the future.

My price target on the name short term is 170 but in the long term, I believe it could get too well over 200 if positive news on the name continues to be released and successful data continues to come in.

Disclaimer I do own common stock of Seattle Genetics $SGEN and am long the name.

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