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Tesla a buy at these levels? The breakdown on TSLA.

As promised, here is the breakdown of $TSLA better known as Tesla.

Current Price: $998.813

52/Wk High: $1,027.480

52/Wk Low: $211.00

Read below for the breakdown.

Tesla has quickly become a giant and a household name across the world. No one thought that an electric car company could scale and reach the level that Tesla has.

Tesla is an EV manufacturer who has a full and ever-expanding lineup of affordable, luxury, and sustainable eclectic cars.

Just a few weeks ago the company became the most valuable automaker in the world with a market cap of $185 billion.

From moving into China to constant US sales growth the company seems to be a remarkable long term investment not only in the past but the present.

Just this year Tesla has seen a 40% increase in quarterly deliveries just in the first three months and the growth is not slowing down.

Just last quarter the company reported a beat with a $1.14 EPS versus the $-0.25 EPS consensus. Tesla also reported a whopping $6 billion in revenue during the first quarter.

Tesla also has a great cash position of $6.9 billion at the current moment but unfortunately along the way piled up $13 billion in net debt.

Although, given the remarkable Q1 results, Tesla reached the requirements to list on the S&P 500 which could serve as a positive catalyst to the stock.

Not only that but major investors like Ron Barron have said “there’s 10 times more to go” ( in reference to Tesla just weeks ago.

Analysts, on the other hand, are quite separated on price targets and expectations. With the mean PT coming in at $678.82/share. Although you must take into account that the high PT is $1,250/share and the low is $246.00 so the consensus is widespread.

On the other hand, the big money is quite bullish with 50.99% being owned by institutions. Firms like Baillie Gifford, Capital World Investors, Vanguard Group, Black Rock, FMR LLC, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs all hold large steaks in the name.

In all, while many much smaller companies are just getting started, like $NKLA and bigger companies like $F won’t be released until 2021 at earliest, Tesla is undoubtedly years ahead of the competition.

While $TSLA is at a high, I believe long term that it is profitable within the next couple years. Short term I urge caution given its high stock price and extreme volatility.

I will be looking to enter Tesla short term if a pullback arises but in the meantime, it is on watch.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, simply opinion based on independent research.

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